Isus Pan! (Jesus Lord!)

Christ-centered ministry

Salvation, Purity, Kingdom of God.

You want to be connected to God... 
This is possible only through Jesus Christ. 
Christ forgives you and gives you a freedom when you repent.
To be resurected in the last day you have to live your life for Christ, deny yourself and stop to do a sin. 
Do not lie to yourself. Nobody who is owned by the sin can enter the Kingdom of God.
The freedom that Jesus Christ gives you is for sacred life, not for continuing to sin.

With love in Jesus Christ.


    Isus-Pan is a ministry focused on seeking the Lord Jesus Christ through preaching the His Truth, prayer and fellowship. Large part of the ministry is a Christian website primarelly in Ukrainian language. 

    The name of web site contains two Ukrainian words that mean Jesus-Lord.

    You might find testimonies useful for you, where we introduce you couple important messages translated from Russian and Ukrainian which were given to Vasyl' Savych when he was taken to the heaven. 

    May our God, Jesus Christ bless you!

Vlad Savelo @ Isus Pan